17th ANNUAL PARADE * MAY 12, 2018 * 10-NOON

Policy on Puppy Sales

Approved February 12, 2011
Rochester Dachshund Parade Committee

It has come to our attention that nine-week old puppies were brought to the 9th Annual Rochester Dachshund Parade on June 26, 2010 and sold to persons in attendance. This type of activity is not in keeping with the purposes of the parade or the mission of the parade committee.

In light of this occurrence, the committee has drafted the following policy:
The Rochester Dachshund Parade Committee invites everyone who loves dachshunds to participate in our annual event whether they own a dachshund or not. We encourage those persons who are considering the addition of a dachshund to their household to attend the parade and learn more about the breed, its variety and the joys of ownership. We also encourage dachshund breeders to attend the parade and share their knowledge of the breed, but we respectfully request that no sales of any dogs be transacted during the parade event. Further, we must insist that no puppies be brought to the parade with the intent on the part of their owner to sell them or offer them for sale during the parade. And, finally, we ask that no puppy under 14 weeks and, therefore, unvaccinated, be brought to the parade.

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